A Medical Alert System doesn’t compromise your independence. It makes it possible.

I’ve spoken with many people on the need for a medical alert or personal alert system and some say – ‘I believe there is a need but I don’t need one now’. These are the same individuals who contact us after a situation arises and place an order for one of our products. So the question is simple – when do you need a system? The answer is equally as simple – now.

If you look at a medical alert system in the same manner as car, home, health and life insurance the decision is an easy one. You wouldn’t wait until after a car accident to purchase car insurance or after a trip to the hospital to purchase health insurance. So why wait until a situation arises before obtaining a medical alert system? There are many situations seniors go through that are not necessarily emergencies and our medical alert systems can help. You might be sitting in one position for an extended period of time and not be able to stand – simply push a button and we will contact your neighbor or family member to provide that little bit of assistance you may need. Or maybe you went out to the mailbox and slipped on the wet grass or tripped on a rock.

 Again you push a button and we will contact the person of your choice or if needed medical personnel to assist you.

 What’s great about our systems is you can press the button as often as you deem necessary. There isn’t a fee for using the device. Whether you press the button once or 15 times in a month – there is no extra fee. Our goal is to help you through the small situations as well as the emergencies. We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fabiana can be reached at: fabiana.plalert@gmail.com or www.personallivingalert.com

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