Let's put an end to Silver Alerts

I was driving on I-75 earlier this week and noticed another Silver Alert. For those not familiar with Silver alerts they are notifications sent out by law enforcement in Florida (and possibly other states as well) notifying drivers that a senior citizen is missing.

The notification is placed on digital road signs throughout the area the senior citizen was last known to be near. I am sure this is a heart breaking situation for the family of the missing person. I can only imagine the stress and feeling of dread the sons, daughters and spouse must be going through. The not knowing where their loved one is currently. Or are they ok or in need of medical care.


Recently a gentleman who lived in Pembroke Pines, Florida was missing for nearly 8 days – how horrific. He suffered from Alzheimer’s and became disoriented when he left the house. When he was finally found and not more than a mile from his home, he was dehydrated and hungry. He was also very confused and afraid.

When stories like this appear on television or the newspaper our phones ring like crazy. The calls are all similar – my dad, my mom or my spouse has a tendency to wonder. What products do you have that can help?


At Personal Living Alert we specialize in products for seniors. Two of our products – Belle+ and the Champion Smart Watch were created for these situations. Both units feature GPS real time tracking, both units feature the ability to contact your loved one directly or you can provide the information to law enforcement so they can assist you.


Putting yourself, family and loved one through a difficult time like this is a thing of the past. The technology is available and easy to use. You can now ensure loved ones are always safe and secure. Please reach out to me today and we can talk or schedule a private consultation on this extremely private and personal topic. Together we can provide the peace of mind your family needs.


Fabiana can be reached at: fabiana.plalert@gmail.com or www.personallivingalert.com

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