Let's Get PERSonal

I would like to share a story with you. It’s a love story about a couple whose been married for over 50 years and in that time period they have shared many fantastic memories ranging from births of their children and grandchildren to bar mitvahs, and weddings to vacations both with family and ones the two shared by themselves. Their story isn’t unlike most couples married 50+ years until one day, Sally started to forget simple everyday things, nothing major maybe a word or two or what was for dinner. She went to several doctors who claimed this was normal for a person reaching 80. 

Over time Sally’s memory faded even more. She would forget a name, birth date, the location of the nail salon. Additionally Sally started to lose her balance and fall, creating great concern for her husband and family. Eventually Sally realizing what was taking place became withdrawn and stopped going out of the house. It wasn’t the fear of getting lost but more of an embarrassment that her friends would know something was wrong or she would fall and need assistance.

Not only was a toll being taken on Sally but tremendous stress was put on her husband, Bill, who at nearly 85 has a few medical issues of his own. Bill was now thrown into the role as caregiver, and in charge of cooking, cleaning, laundry, chauffeur and much more. It came to the point where Bill also started to stay in the house to ensure his wife was safe. That was until he learned about Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERs) a simple way to call for help from a friend, relative, or emergency services.


While Bill was researching PERs he was faced with many options and features. Does he need a mobile PERs unit or will one that only works in the home be enough? Does the system need fall protection? Does it need GPS? Does he want to work with a local dealer?


After researching several different systems, Bill made the decision that was best for him, his wife and family. They opted to use a local dealer who provided them a mobile unit which features fall detection and GPS location so the 1st responders can find them quickly in an emergency.


The PERs provides Bill, his wife and family peace of mind. Bill now goes out to play cards or run errands knowing that his wife is safe and help is only a push of a button away. In fact, Sally goes out more again as she regained her confidence knowing if she needs help it as simple as pushing a button. With the help of the PERs, Bill and Sally are out and about enjoying life again and living the life they want.


Fabiana can be reached at: fabiana.plalert@gmail.com

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