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A few useful Fall Prevention Tips

As we all know most falls happen at home and for seniors nearly 40% will have a fall. The impact of falling is traumatic and life changing. In addition to the expense of going to the hospital for treatment many other events can happen. You might be forced to live in an Assisted Living Facility, possibly hire a Home Health Aide, or move into a nursing home. None of these situations are ideal as we want our seniors to stay at home.

So what do we do? Below you will find a few simple steps that can be implemented to help prevent falls. We recommend doing as many as possible.

1) Exercise for strengthening, gait training and balance.

2) Place grab bars in the shower and non-slip strips and a chair.

3) Place grab bars near your bed, in the kitchen and possibly near the commode.

4) Remove throw rugs or at least tape them down.

5) Invest in a Personal Emergency Response System

6) Remove steps into the shower

7) Raised toilet seat or a toilet chair.

8) De-clutter

Be wary of your pets

your house - remove items in hallways, reduce the amount of furniture

9) Regular eye exams

10) Use a cane or walker if needed - it is better to be safe then look good.

Falling becomes a part of who we are as we age. While no-one can prevent nor predict a fall the steps above can help us minimize the risk

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