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Caregiver Stress

Updated: May 18

Today Fabiana provides 7 great tips to help relieve the stress caregivers feel.

Hello! This is Fabiana from Personal Living Alert again! I'm going to give you 7 tips for caregiver stress. Caregiving has difficult and challenging moments. Today's caregivers are often hit with responsibilities of caregiving during a crisis when they're already working full-time and taking care of their old families. So these are 7 tips for you to cope and stay calm.

1. Deep Breathes

Number 1 will be to breathe deep to a count of 6 then exhale to a count of 6. Do this for 5 minutes. You will feel refreshed after you do this. It will also help you feel better.

2. Nature

2nd One: Go out into nature. Take a walk in the park, appreciate the beauty of the environment, the birds, the animals. A change of scenery is often uplifting. Go on a drive in the country with your loved ones; it will uplift their moods too.

3. Positivity

Stay positive. When your thoughts take a negative spiral, do the breathing exercise and affirm that you will look for a positive side of what is occurring. Positive thoughts generate positive energy. Negative thoughts increase negative energy. So, ask yourself where you want to be.

4. Get Moving

Dance, exercise, go for a walk to get fresh oxygen and endorphins. Engage the person you're caring for to do it with you, even if all they can do is move their arms.

5. Massage

Get a massage. Massages help to remove toxins from the muscles and to relax. They also get your circulation moving. This helps your brain to work better too since the brain uses 20%-25% of the oxygen in your body.

6. Water

Take a bath. Water is always healing. A bath is soothing and relaxing. You'll feel refreshed when you're finished. Swimming. Besides exercising also your muscles, it also relaxes the tension and increases your endorphins.

7. Meditation

Meditate. Meditation involves breathing and intense focus which leaves the brain free to receive inspiration and creativity. Music, candles add to the atmosphere and also point of focus. Words like peace, forgiveness, love also help clear your mind. You can choose the method you prefer to help keep you focused. After the meditation, you'll feel peaceful, relaxed, and energized.

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