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Personal Living Alert is dedicated to providing you with the BEST in-home PERS services. We offer speciality emergency health services and products ideal for the stay-at-home or active senior. Our knowledgeable agents are based in the U.S.A. and  are all UL-Listed, CSAA-Certified and our Five Diamond Central Station is available 24/7

Belle Emergency Alert Pendant

Freedom Watch

 Personal Emergency Response Systems

When you need us, with the push of a button, we are there.
Our Five Diamond Central Call Station is available 24/7

Belle+ Emergency Alert Pendant

MXD Personal Emergency Response Systems



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Our medical alert systems includes everything you need to begin receiving 24-hour emergency protection in your home today.

We stay with you until help arrives
No long-term contracts required
Affordable pricing
24/7 monitoring 
Certified agents with over 50 languages
Personalized response
Highly trained, US-based agents
Works in all 50 states


"I consider myself lucky! I had a great childhood; all the love and support from my parents; on every level; that anyone could ask. They always did the best they can and I loved them so much for that! Now that I am older and I have a busy life and a family of my own I do not spend as much time with them as I would like. They are both in their eighties and not as youthful as they used to be I consistently speak with them and visit when I could but I cannot be there every day.


I purchased a monitoring system with my brother so that we can have some piece of mind. I sleep better each night knowing that although I cannot always be by their side; my parents are safe and in good hands. If anything were to happen; help is on its way in a touch of a button. Any little bit that I can give back I am so happy to do; it is not nearly what they have given me, but they are safe at all times and that means the world to all of us!"

-KG– Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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